Monday, 2 January 2017

TV Shows That Have Ended on Disney Channel Denmark in 2016

While we get new TV shows others may end. Four series have ended on Disney Channel in Denmark in 2016.

On 20th May, Violetta, the Argentine show that takes place in Argentina ended. The show is about a girl named Violetta who joins a music school and get a lot of friends. The show is much about music, love, friendship, and drama. After season 3 and 240 episodes the show ended in 2016 in Denmark.

On 27th May, Dog With A Blog, which is a show about a talking dog ended. The show is about the talking dog Stan who spend his life together with the James-Jennings-family. The show has ended after 3 seasons.

On 28th October, Gravity falls ended too. The show is about the two twins Dipper and Mabel Pines. They were sent by their parents to their grunkle in Gravity Falls, Orlando in the summer vacation. Together with their new friends in the town they discover the town's secrets. The show has ended after 2 seasons.

And the last show ended on 9th December: Jessie. Jessie is about an older teenage girl who comes to New York City to be an actor. Instead she be the new nanny for the Ross family where she has four kids to take care of. Not alone they have a butler named Bertram who it's not the perfect one. The show ended after 4 seasons.

Which one of these four is your favourite?

Source: Disney Channel Danmark

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